Puzzled by Putin? Here’s Where to Find Some Answers

For a smarter take on Russia (and recent Russian history) after the recent Tucker Carlson “interview,” I recommend a newly published book by the late Rupert Cornwell, prizewinning British journalist and my former colleague and friend. “Out of the USSR,” a selection of Rupert’s columns from Moscow and elsewhere for the UK Independent, curated by… Continue reading Puzzled by Putin? Here’s Where to Find Some Answers

Must-Listen Business Leadership Podcasts

In the fast-paced world of business, staying ahead often requires continuous learning and inspiration. Podcasts have emerged as a valuable source of knowledge, providing on-the-go insights from industry leaders and experts. For business professionals aspiring to enhance their leadership skills, Matthew O’Neil of Toronto has provided a curated list of some of the more popular… Continue reading Must-Listen Business Leadership Podcasts